How to Add Drama to Photos with Lightroom

With this tutorial, you will learn how you can easily add drama to any landscape or other photo easily with the help of Adobe Lightroom. Many people prefer using Lightroom for editing photographs over Photoshop. You can see the before and after of the photograph that is edited in Lightroom.

Finished product after processing in Lightroom

Follow these steps to add drama to photo with Lightroom:

Step 1. Open the photo in Adobe Lightroom. Switch to the develop mode. Distortion of any kind is removed by lens correction settings. I used 18-55 lens, which has a bit of distortion. The profile correction took care of it.


Step 2. Make several adjustments in the basic panel. Especially Shadows and highlights recovery which were pushed down to -100. Apart from these I adjusted the exposure, contrast, clarity, vibrance and black/white sliders of the photograph to make it brighten a bit. I left the saturation slider untouched, as I do not like the effect it creates. (Play with saturation if you like to.)


Step 3. Used the gradient slider to bring back the colors, contrast and saturation in the sky and the water.


Step 4. Used the radial filter to give the sun and its reflection some much needed pop.


Step 5. Used post crop vignetting to round off the pic.This depends on individual preference, some like it strong. I do not like very strong vignetting. Actually, the amount of vignetting also depends on the picture.


This article was published in Lenstoppers website on 24.05.2016 (Click Here)


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